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On Japan’s southernmost island Okinawa, our story began with study at the University of Ryukyu Graduate School. While researching Okinawan plant ingredients and longevity health, we scoured industries looking for gaps to service. Kenko Leaf was established with the aim to fill in and further progress those gaps among companies that otherwise lack international know-how and language skills.

Through a variety of services seen below, we connect with skilled professionals on the island. All services are based on two main resources: a handle of the Japanese language and usage of Okinawan resources. With these two factors, Kenko Leaf provides services and goods specialized to the island and often cannot be found elsewhere.



下記の通り、様々なサービスを通してケンコーリーフは沖縄県民の熟練した専門家を結びつけます。 全てのサービスは、次の2つを主としています。「1.日本語、英語の両言語の知識、2.沖縄のリソースの活用」 これら2つの要素により、ケンコーリーフは島に特化したサービスや商品を提供しております。

Kenko Leaf works with many large companies all over the island. Whether it be manufacturing, sales, or translation, Kenko Leaf can help you find the right support or be the company you need. Using both Japanese and English (and other languages if necessary), we can connect companies overseas with Japanese commercial businesses.

Due to language barriers and old-age working methods, Japan has yet to fully share what it has to offer. Realizing this slow progress, we find there is room to grow and progress forward. We believe now is the time to take advantage of Japan’s resources and bring them internationally. 

Kenko Leafは沖縄県内の中小企業~大企業まで多くの会社と提携しています。 製造、販売、翻訳のいずれであっても、Kenko Leafは適切なサポートを見つけること、または必要な会社になれます。 日本語と英語(そして必要ならば他の言語)の両方を使って、弊社は海外の会社と日本の商業ビジネスを結び付けることができます。

言葉の壁や既存の販売手法では、海外に比べ日本はまだ十分とはいえませんが、いい意味で捉えますとさらに成長、発展する余地があることに気づきます。 今こそ日本の資源を活用し、国際的にそれらをもたらす時であると信じています。

Internationals Sales・海外販売

Okinawan Products Abroad    貴社の商品を海外へ

Products with Okinawan ingredients or manufactured on the island are rare finds overseas. Kenko Leaf’s e-commerce website ships Okinawan products all over the world. Products range from tea to t-shirts and have been sold to countries such as Australia, all the way to the US, down to Brazil, and many more. This offers us insight into which products are popular or in-demand to further help manufacturers and marketing.



Using Okinawa’s Rare Resources

We help you bring the product in your mind a reality. Using the rare resources offered by Okinawa’s subtropical environment and distinct culture, a plethora of new products are ready to be made. Even if you just have a simple idea, but are not sure where to start, leave it to us to investigate and give you a series of ideas and quotes to match.



Initial Idea Discussion
Concept Design & Client Approval
Manufacturing and Design
Export Preperation
Product Creation and Finalization
Export and Check-up



We are partnered with a Japanese trading company to further ensure smooth trade between countries.




With experience in import to Japan, feel free to inquire about our inbound work.



We have access points worldwide to export products from Europe to the US.



Native Speaker・       ネイティブスピーカー

Wouldn’t you leave your translation to a native speaker? Our translations go through a native speaker no matter what language is being translated. Do not sacrifice quality for lower prices. Present your brand or reading materials with confidence and a show of professionalism. ‘Brokin english is not profesional.’



Fast & Reasonable・     速くて適正価格

We can handle almost all deadlines thrown at us. Whether you are in a rush or your previous translator backed out, you can depend on us to stay 100% committed to the deadline we discussed and shook on. Given our culturalized, native speaker translation, we still offer reasonable prices that do not sacrifice quality.


Culturalization・      直訳しない

A direct translation will not get your point across, especially when two speakers are from completely different worlds. Our translations go through ‘culturalization’, or the act of making it understandable to the translated language’s speaker. Contact us with which language you are looking for along with the topic of translation. We can find the perfect translator for you.




Speech Translation・通訳

¥8000/hr ~

¥8000/1時間 ~

  • Anywhere in Okinawa・沖縄県の全地域でOK
  • Fluent in Okinawan and American Culture・沖縄とアメリカの文化、共に流暢
  • Casual Settings Welcome・カジュアルな雰囲気でも

Written Translation・翻訳

¥12 ~/1字

¥12 ~/1 Character

  • Short Deadlines Welcome・締切り間近でもOK
  • Includes Native Speaker Inspection・ネイティブスピーカーチェックが含まれる
  • JPN ⇔ ENG, FRA, CHI, KOR・日本語 ⇔ 英‣フランス‣中国‣韓国

Media Creation・動画制作

Want to promote your company? Want to advertise a new product?

Create a beautiful video using Okinawa as your backdrop. Gorgeous beaches, golden sunsets, and a drone to capture it all. We offer professional editing and scneery to match your ideal image. If you need a speaker or presenter, we can present you with a variety of people in different languages, as well.




If you have a project you would like to discuss,
get in touch with us.




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