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Okinawa, Japan

     Every aspect of Okinawa shows health and vigor. We introduce you first with a powerful cultural element: Traditional Eisaa Dance. This video shows the traditional dance performed by Okinawans during many festivals each year. Typically, the men play the drums and the women dance (although anyone can participate in either!) while they all sing and chant in Okinawan dialect, a language very different from Japanese. Each local village adorns distinct, colorful dress differing from the other villages on the Okinawa islands. Eisaa (Aye-sah) is a vital piece of Okinawan culture and just by watching this spectacular dance you can feel the pride of this island and its islanders.

     There is a lion that often accompanies the dancers called ‘Shishimai’. The Shishimai roams among the audience and gently bites the heads of those who are lucky. If one is bitten on the head, it means the Shishimai eats the ‘bad luck’ and some say you will not get sick all year! Children who are bitten on the head are given luck towards healthy growth and good studies. Enter Okinawa below to see what Okinawans eat and drink to live past 100 years old with such strength!